The Wild Is Calling To Our Minds

by Momma Swift

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Bung Hole Straight radical banjo shit. you can't help but cry, laugh, and rage. Favorite track: Borders.
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noi Amazing collection of anarcho-feminist vegan punk folk goodness (on banjo!!) from the awesome Momma Swift! It's political, it's melodic, and it deals a lot with topics that many would much rather not talk about, but it's all the more real because it does. Favorite track: The Wild Is Calling To Our Minds.
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some lovely home-recorded banjo punk and acoustic feminist hardcore to please your ears with


released April 9, 2015

All songs written, recorded and 'mastered' (it's a bloody shambles) by Emili Swift

Music © (Copyleft) Momma Swift, Creative Commons BY-SA
Artwork © (Copyleft) Momma Swift, Creative Commons BY-SA
Photos © (Copyleft) Emili Swift, Creative Commons BY-SA
Transgender symbol © (Copyleft) Momma Swift, Creative Commons BY-SA




Momma Swift Brighton, UK

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Track Name: The Wild Is Calling To Our Minds
I'm sick of this I'm sick of this
Burn the mind that ridicules these hopes that we clutch to our chests
I'm tired of this I'm tired of this
This self doubt soul destruction eating away at the things that we do best
Nerves spark endlessly with damage holes develop in our brains
But as we make our way through months, through years of simply existing
What's left is not enough to make our claims
That we're alright, we're doing fine we're just waiting for the right time, we're just waiting for the right time

Where are our minds where is our rational thought
Was it consumed in the grind
This is not healthy this is not something we developed at the start of time
We're working, we're feeding, we're driving, we're sleeping
But our bodies were made for better lives
Play like children, care like animals
the wild is calling to our minds
Calling to our minds

The screen lures us into a apathetic slumber
It cages and tortures our thoughts
We try to fight, but in the night creativity scares us so we always end up crawling back for more
These fingers weren't meant to type away the sunsets
They're for loving, for building and for art
But convenience and safety protect us as we sleep away the hours, forever in the dark
But we're alright, we're doing just fine
We're just waiting for the right time

We're terrified, we're terrified of what could be waiting outside
Is it our freedom?
We do not need to change our lives so much we cannot recognise
Small steps are all it takes to lead them
Track Name: Eat The Rich
Grab the food and run for your lives
Stuff it in your backpack, or in pockets that are big enough to hide
Take all that you need and then take more
we're paying them for us to live
We can't survive on the crumbs or the flecks of spit that you leave scattered on the floor
If it's not tagged then it won't go off, if it's not bagged then you haven't made a loss
It's yours for the keeping
Cause if they can't feed the people they serve
Because a profit margin drowns voices unheard
Then it's time we started feeding

Eat the rich eat the rich That devour the poor and the sick
Eat the wealthy ones in suits with a 5 finger selection of fruit
Cook em up have a feast Serve them to everyone on your street
And even if you're vegan this doesn't count
Taste the victory then spit it all out

Pouring acid into the bins
You'd rather see starvation than humble scavenging
Cause then that means we don't rely on your money
If the people can't survive on waste
Then there's nothing left but to walk in and take what we need
But does that mean we've won?
Find what is broken, repair it and use
Find what's discarded without reason to lose
Our system relies on the next best thing
We can't be satisfied with the things that we have because the TV tells us
There's something new to add to our endless supply of refuse

Eat the cops, eat the bankers, eat the tory scum wankers
eat the fascists at the pub we're gonna have a feast with any luck
Eat the landlord who forced you to leave, and the sexist employer asking you for a coffee
Eat the hunters, but keep the faces and hang them over your fireplaces!
Track Name: Borders
We hold our hands out in submission
When we need to clench them into fists
Our pockets hold the lives that we've fought and nearly died for
But you'll take it away in a finger's click
Fire burns fire burns as it catches your heels
But will you learn?
You'll never learn when you shoot to kill

Where are our rights within these borders?
These days and nights left in the sun to rot
Where are our rights within your centres
Of detention where the cold strikes the bones of the forgotten

We're not a fucking statistic we're not a badge on your chest
We're not a piece of information
We're a losing battle of blood and flesh
Stab our bodies with the knives of the law in your hands
Stab the children of the countries that were raped for their lands
Remove their eyes so they can't stab you back

I'm white so i don't know what it's like to be assumed to be a terrorist because of my faith
And I'm British, less likely to be a victim of deportation when i'm trying to stay safe
But it enrages me to the core of my body
When the ocean takes the boats before they've reached dry land
Where the fuck are the lines that divide us?
It's the system itself that provides us with a reason to flee from a war torn country
Not just people on a benefit hunt
This system need destroying, take it down from the top
The greedy, fucking capitalist cunts
Track Name: Black Flag Bullshit
You want to commodify me I'll break your legs man
You won't listen to my words I'll tear your fucking throat out
You see the power in my eyes but power stirs you from the bottom of your gut
Your gut feeling is to see me shut up
Don't twist my anger into defensive noise
Don't wrestle a reaction from me as if it's my first choice
Don't act the victim cause you know you fucking aren't
I'm not out to play this game but you make it too hard

And that look, that look I've seen it far too much
The eyes that rip right through my skin the hands that tighten their clutch
That line, that line, the one they tend to use is
'you're far too pretty to be listening to this music'

He claims to be fighting for the cause
He's adamant that he's tearing down oppressive structures
In what society? In who's ideal image?
I don't see him checking his almighty male privilege
Don't tell me that he's an anarchist
Don't tell me that he's a feminist
Don't tell me that he gives a shit
About anyone's view that isn't his
He can't take a little truth
From a woman of all people
Well man you better sit down
Because it's not your turn to speak

You're just another fucking joke
Rotten to the very core
You're just another one of them
But with a black flag to even out the score
Track Name: We Will All Be Destroyed
Well these cities all look the same
The only colours are grey and beige
And everything is there for us to consume
There's nowhere warm for me to sit without having to buy some shit
That I don't want and i can't afford to
I'm not allowed to sing my songs for money without being moved on
By bosses who are profiting off the masses
And because I haven't washed for weeks and i look a mess
That means for me i don't even get a smile from anyone who passes

These buildings are full of shit that we don't need
And our stomachs are full from our insatiable greed
And our prisons are full of slaves and our sky is full of planes
And soon enough we all will be destroyed

Its not enough to boycott the companies that sell their products made in Israel and other places
And when i see these yuppies pageant queens with their bags and shirts that say i'm going green
I want to punch them in their pretty little faces
You are not saving the environment you are not saving any animals
You are not making any kind of difference
So fuck off there's nothing left for you to say

Well our forests are full with pollution and machinery
And our bodies are full with cancer causing drugs
And our wardrobes are full with someone's blood and our minds are so full that they've become numb
And soon enough we all will be destroyed

Well i wanted to travel to this city to see some friends and learn and laugh a lot
But sitting here watching people reminds me of this constant evil
Pervading our minds and making our bodies rot
Everybody's playing on their smartphones
Everyone is eating at burger king
There's nowhere left for us to turn except smash the state, let it burn
And find a way to live with more meaning
Well i tried to believe in revolution, i tried to believe we could all be saved
If we come together peacefully it could be a place for you and me
To live our lives instead of being slaves
But looking around here i see faces that are happy with their mediocre decline
Everything they touch was made with someone else's blood
And yet they'll never have to see what was left behind
Well we are all guilty in everything we do we eat we say
If we really want to take down this system
Then we must all lead the way!
Track Name: Not Enough
I said goodbye to my baby at airport security
I waved her off then i broke down because i never meant for her to leave
I hurt her like i've never hurt anyone before
I really fucked it up
I let her be as vulnerable as possible and then i abused her trust

I love her but that it not enough
When i don't understand, i don't' have the answers
She tells me that i need to grow up
Well for you my love i will

She gave me everything she had to give
She risked all she knew she could
But I shut down I disconnected like I knew deep down I would
But i didn't leave it there i abandoned her in panic
Cause i'm terrified of confronting my fears
She tells me that she loves me but i caused her so much pain
That's the thing I don't deserve to hear

I love her but that is not enough
When I act without feeling and I feel without acting
She tells me that i need to work on my stuff
Well for you my love I will

This love, i never felt something so real
So electric so forgiving so humble and uplifting
If i could tumble to the ground then i would kneel
At your feet and love you like you need me to love you
But my mind is like a scattering of birds
Migrating north into the bitter frozen isolated winter
I can't love you when I don't know the way for myself
But I'll find my way, I'll find my way

I broke you when you looked to me for safety
What is safety when your heart is being used as a shelter
Take your anger baby feel it hate me if you think its better
I will take it, i'll endure it after all i made you suffer
Track Name: Real
Rocking back and forth, on my bed, on the floor, in my head
We're just going through the motions over again
Gasping once in a while for air
Grasping at these slippery strings for somewhere else, someone to hold me when

I don't feel like making sense right now
All I need to do is let myself break down
Can I give myself that?
It builds and it pushes out at my seams
Till it erupts in a torrent of shaking and screams
I don't know what it means

So I lie here looking up at my stars
I'm empty, there's nothing left inside my heart
Why can't I connect why the fuck is this so hard
It's like I've trained myself to shut out the world
When I need it most, when I want to be in love and be held
What did I do to make myself into this girl?

I can't write because I don't feel
I can't ask for help if it doesn't feel real
So I don't write, just in case I feel
That's too terrifying, with that I cannot deal
Now I'm writing and it suddenly seems real

I've lost the people I love
I've lost the person I love to be
I've lost my sense of responsibility
Now I've got to pick up the pieces and work on a better me